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    Antique box Jewelry box Craft box Fine arts and crafts Arts and crafts (English: art craft) of handicraft products.By hand or machine will processed raw materials or semi-finished products, is the floorboard of the art value of a set of product.Handicraft source and life, and create the higher than the value of life.It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the people, fully embodies the human creative and artistic, is the priceless treasure of mankind.Typical handicrafts like it, according to the material of natural gypsum ore fine vulture thin chisel.Due to its full play to the gypsum advantage of bright color, pure glittering and translucent and texture, clever apply natural grain design, design novel, unique, it looks elegant, antique, the well is.

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  • Company Name:Fuzhou xinqiulong Crafts Co., Ltd.
  • Contact Person:林 善基
  • City:Fuzhou
  • State/Province:Fujian
  • Country/Region:China
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