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    Oil umbrella Oiled paper umbrella Paper umbrella Craft umbrella Lacquer is the ancient people of items they are widely used in daily life;Because of the paint with acid, alkali resistance, heat resistance, anti-corrosion features, so have long used by people.As paint in the world\'s oldest countries in China, \"everything is done? Ten had\" article mentioned yu shun do feeder \"flow paint ink on it. Yu do phenomena, the ink paint and draw. Zhu outside its\"In the late primitive society ruins found in the physical paint system.Plant sumac quite common in ancient, the warring states period philosopher zhuangzi had served as paint park management office.Early lacquer xiu on general tire in the simple wood, bamboo, as well as anti-corrosion, can also be used for decoration.Along with the development of the paint process, gradually appeared on the various implements paint, paint, kung, gold, paint, etc., or the tyres on the paint to a certain thickness, again with the practice of carving a design in the above, and on the lacquer of Mosaic gold, silver, copper, mother-of-pearl, jade teeth, and precious stones, to form beautiful decorative pattern, thousands of Wen Wanhua FenRan without knowledge.The flat to take off the gold and silver in the tang dynasty, song dynasty\'s color lacquer, yuan dynasty carved lacquerware, treasure is embedded in the Ming dynasty, qing dynasty of bodiless lacquer, etc., are the characteristics of each generation of representative famous brand.

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