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    Oil umbrella Oiled paper umbreIn the 11th century BC, had made of silks umbrella, but only good people can use.Displays yellow ruler majesty \"canopy umbrella\" Qin Mu male first used when according to verify is the warring states period, until the qing dynasty.
    Paper was invented by CAI lun in eastern han dynasty, has appeared on paper with tung oil oiled paper umbrella, but at that time the umbrella\'s yellow paper, it shows the history of oiled paper umbrella in China about 2000 years ago.
    The tang dynasty, oiled paper umbrella is widely used in folk.During this period, with the advent of dedicated to painting and calligraphy paper, a special made from rice paper umbrella surface, facilitate the write in the umbrella of painting and calligraphy oiled paper umbrella.Also during this period, oiled paper umbrella spread to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, southeast Asia and other places.
    Widely used in song dynasty \"umbrella\" green oil, color is given priority to with green, in the famous painting \"on the qingming festival, lively bazaar people use this\" green oil umbrella \".lla Paper umbrella Craft umbrella

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