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    Antique box Jewelry box Craft box Fine arts and crafts People by their own hands to produce one fine works, different materials, what waste scrap, the poultry feathers can be made into a perfect arts and crafts, cross-stitch as popular in the world, Chinese arts and crafts is also the highest in the world, China\'s crafters have used feathers and gold thread has made a unique embroidery, gold feather is called the feather cross-stitch.Feather feather after many years of practical experience embroidery and daily necessities series, such as embroidered carpet embroidered pillow, feather, feather feather embroidered embroidered cushion for leaning on, feather mattress. arts and crafts

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  • Company Name:Fuzhou xinqiulong Crafts Co., Ltd.
  • Contact Person:林 善基
  • City:Fuzhou
  • State/Province:Fujian
  • Country/Region:China
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