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    folding fan plastic fan promotion fan hand fan A folding fan \"folding fan\", also known as \"the last leaf\".Folding fan is folded, is coming, so it is also called \"fan\".Folding fan produce time is relatively late, its importance is great.It is easy to carry, and sleeve, sector calligraphy and painting, fan rib carve, literati, pets, so there is \"bosom sleeve porn\" known.Round fan produce far earlier than folding fan, because the shape of reunion coincides with a Chinese request of auspicious meaning, such as month also known as the \"fan\".And because it made of silk, so it is also called \"round silk fan\" or \"fan\".More due to wang jian tang dynasty \"flirting make\" in a sentence \"round fan round fan, beauty and covered face\", and produce the \"and\", \"face\" and \"disabled\" bills..

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