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BANK Surveillance CCTV cable protection heavy series over braided flexible conduit,conduit fittings

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    BANK Surveillance CCTV cable protection heavy series over braided flexible conduit,conduit fittings

    waterproof heavy series over Braided Flexible metal Conduit,heavy sheath heavy series over BRAIDED flexible conduit fittings protect cable from steel mill hot metal swarfs and EMi sheilding,heavy series flexible conduit
    Flexible metal braided conduit (extra flexible,metallic,PVC coated,with stainless steel overbraid)
    Vacuum jacketed steel conduit with stainless steel overbraid
    Flexible metal braided conduit is suitable for use in both static applications whre a tight bend radius is needed and in dynamic use such as machining centers and robotics, particularly where external heat sounce is a problem. Can be used in most industrial and commercial environments.
    water proof Electric Braided Flexible metallic Conduit for petrochemical industry wirings
    Over braiding flexible metallic conduit,Liquid Resistant,EMI shielding

    Clean data transmission in a noisy environment is an ever increasing requirement on todays crowded factory floors. Braided flexible steel conduit systems provide excellent EMI and RFI shielding, as well as mechanical protection, resulting in improved data transmission for factory automations.
    OverBRAIDing Flexible metal conduit,water proof,Emc screening
    *Resists high temperature and hot metal splashes

    Constructions & features:
    1)The core made of galvanized steel strips, hellically wound
    with PVC covering. Providing good mechanical protection and
    water tightness.
    2) Metal wire over braiding provides increased pressure rating
    (explosion proof),abrasion resistant and EMI shielding.

    Suitable for:
    1)Industrial enviroments, expecially suitable for
    protections of machineries cables and wiring in wet and
    hazardous locations.
    2)Tele-communications equipments. EMI shielding of calbes.
    3)Computer room wirings.
    4)Public electrical facilities and installations.

    1) Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) considerations:
    *computers rooms *telecommunications * control systems
    2) Abrasion resistance considerations:
    *railway rolling stock *heavy duty industrial applications
    3) Hot metal splashes resistance considerations:
    *steel mills *petrochemical plants,Chemicals,Heavy Industrial wirings
    4) Mechanical integrity:
    *security/CCTV *anti-vandal applications


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