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  • Post Date:2014-08-10
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  • Subject :diposable/one-time egg tray production line
  • Message :diposable/one-time egg tray production line adopts Gentian type double-stage series high foam technology.The raw material is general polystyrene granule.In the extruding process,vesicant is injected at high pressure.After extruding,foaming cooling,shaping and hauling off,it is winding to finished ps foam sheet rolls .
    After vacuum forming system,the finished PS foaming sheet can be made into variety of packaging vessals such as fast food box,aquatic plate,supermarket tray,cake tray,KT board, instant noodle bowl,foam tray etc.
    PS fast food box vacuum forming machine is an all-powerful thermal forming machine with integration of vacuum forming Press forming and synthetical forming.Double Worktables Hydraulic Cutting Off Machine:
    The machine is the most popular cutting off machine all over the world ,It is mainly used to cut the vacuum forming products (one time dishes)as well as packing ,decoration.

    Longkou Haiyuan Plastic Machinery

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  • Company:longkou haiyuan plastics machinery co.,ltd
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