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  • Post Date:2014-10-07
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  • Subject :folding fan | plastic fan | Bamboo fan | promotion fan | paper fan | Bamboo fan
  • Message :Fuzhou Xinqiulong Crafts Co., Ltd. is a production and sales and have their own right to export companies. With the rapid development of science and technology and the improvement of people's aesthetic standards, some specific style, new material of plastic fan, pocket fan, hood fan, since the open door, such as multi-function optical technology fan thereafter. Modern life use fans enjoy the cool heat displacement function is relatively reduced, but the fan as elegant handicraft, will always bring beauty to enjoy. Folding fan fan rib, the most abundant cultural connotation in the shape of primitive simplicity is elegant, elegant chic; Material treasures, colorful; Quietly elegant decoration plain and neat, feast for the eyes. Carver wonderful artical excelling nature, persevering and sectoral art in photograph reflect.

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  • Company:Fuzhou xinqiulong Crafts Co., Ltd.
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