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  • Subject :High Qualified safe rail car arrester
  • Message : High Qualified safe rail car arrester

    Electric resistance vehicle is a new type of utility model, which relates to the technical field of underground transportation machinery.

    Through the upper end of the car in between two car electric vehicle retarding device is composed of two parallel fixed bearing and the car stop rod, a front supporting seat, the supporting seat and pedal linkage device composed of electric resistance fixed support at both ends are respectively fixed on the front supporting seat and the supporting seat, the car stop car stop lever is arranged on the fixed support, connected with the two fixed bearing shaft passes through the car stop rod central vehicle blocking rod is small upper end at the lower end of the bulky shape, natural state, the upper end of the tilt, pedal and linkage device is composed of a pedal, a pull wire and a shifting rod, a deflector rod is hinged with the middle part of the two fixed supporting seat, the resistance of the cable and the pedal is connected.

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