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  • Post Date:2015-08-02
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  • Subject :PVC COATED flexible metallic conduit for commercial cable management
  • Message :PVC COATED flexible metallic conduit for commercial cable management
    It is suitable for use in both static applications where a tight bend diameter is needed and in dynamic use such as machining centers and robotics.

    Water-tight Flexible Metal Conduit
    Vacuum jacketed steel conduit for high-flex installations.(VJC)
    *Galvanized steel strip core (square locked or interlocked) *PVC Covered
    *1/4"~4" trade size *Water-tight

    A unique vacuum extrusion process allows this product to have a thin PVC jacket which does not restrict the great flexibility characteristics of the inner core.

    Flexible metallic conduit with PVC jacket:

    *PVC jacket provides water resistant.
    *Durable and long life.
    *Inner core made from galvanized steel strip.
    *Square locked construction for more flexibility or interlocked for more strength.


    Appliances, automotive wire & cable sleeving, industrial equipments,
    medical devices, machineries, wire conduits, air conditioning/heating and ventilation


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