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  • Post Date:2015-08-05
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  • Subject :Mine & Mobile Transformer Substation Explosion-proof Vacuum Switch
  • Message :Mine & Mobile Transformer Substation Explosion-proof Vacuum Switch

    Product Introduction

    1.The advanced CPU technology is adopted in the protector,which has enhanced the


    of individual parts of function and the practicability of the system.Besides,the high- resolution A/D converter and and the detection method of single range measuring are also

    used in the device,which

    has greatly enhanced the accuracy of data collection.

    2.It adopts blue-backlight Chinese LCD monitor,which enable data and all operations more intuitive.

    3.It has the function which can detect and display a power factor and imbalance degree of

    each phase

    current as well as electricity consumption and real-time clock and so on.

    4.It can provide protection in such cases as overload,short circuit,electricity leakage,

    insulation monito

    ring,overvoltage,undervoltage,three-phase imbalance etc.

    5.It has the RS485 communication function, 2-999 pieces of protectors can be connected into a network,accessing a local area network or

    the Internet through the couple

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