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  • Post Date:2015-08-05
  • Offer Type :Want to sell
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  • Subject :Supply Fiberglass Marine Antenna Mast,Antenna Marine Mast
  • Message :Supply Fiberglass Marine Antenna Mast,Antenna Marine Mast
    Weihai Xinbo composite products Co.,Ltd is a professional composite products supplier. We are engaged in carbon fiber, glass fiber fabric and high performance composite production development and application.
    Our main products include carbon fiber tube, fiberglass tube, carbon fiber product, sheet /plate, snowboard, kayak paddle, idle roller and drive shaft for machinery, tool handle, airplane model tube, sailboat mast, highway tolling systems barrier arm, exhaust pipe, muffler pipe for automobile and motorcycle, automobile modified accessory, telescopic pole, antenna mast, etc.
    If you are interested in any of our products, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Company:Weihai Xinbo Composites Co,Ltd
  • Country :China
  • Contact person :Maggie
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