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  • Post Date:2015-08-06
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  • Subject :Thunder Resistors: MELF type precision resistors
  • Message :Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. Is a 20 years experienced professional manufacturer of high precision resistors and ultra high precision resistors, the all production is strictly controlled and follows an extensive set of instructions established in production procedure for reproducibility which was introduced from Europe in 1988 with USD400,000.00.
    RJM series is one of supreme high precision MELF type resistors with very low temperature coefficient and very high stability as well as very high power rating in tiny size. The accuracy of the resistance is up to 0.05% and the temperature coefficient is low to 5ppm/℃. It is the right crosses to Vishay' melf type resistors SMM0204,MMA0204,MMB0207 and CMB0207.
    Please key in "thunder resistors" to look in my website for detailed information and contact via email listed in my website.

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  • Company:Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd.
  • Country :China
  • Contact person :Charles
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