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PTFE Seal, Hydraulic Seal, Pneumatic Seals, Parker seal and special seal are our main products. Sealing solution provider for your special requirement. Capability of ship out your special seal within one day after receiving order. Burker Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of high performance standard and customized seals. To guarantee quick delivery in high quality, we have introduced several Sealmasters-CNC Lathes with well-proven database that can offer more than 115 computerized standard profiles (non-standard profiles are also easy to produce) at your disposal. Our advanced technology allows us to manufacture most of engineered seal profiles in a timely and most precise manner. Seals are available up to 1500 mm in diameter. Our abundant application experience enables us to offer to our customers required solution for any type of sealing problem. Moreover, we can provide composite and self-lubricated bushes, bearings and wear pads to most of insufficient or improper greasing applications in marine, steel, water-treatment and petrochemical industries. FDA approved PTFE Glide Seals are widely adopted by foodstuff, pharm, and semi-conductor process equipment. Rotary PTFE Seals are also available.
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